lula fabrics

Melissa Kerkhoff,  Lula Fabrics’ founder and sole owner, is quite a character.  i’ve often called the poor woman in  a panic, with demands such as asking her to ‘quickly do a strike-off of that gorgeous leafy palm frondish type pattterned fabric i couldn’t use the last time, in that rusty red (not the first one, but the second one you showed me the other day), which is not too dense in pattern, but also not too sparse so that it can fit onto a 500×500 cushion and not look stupid’ and she brings me exactly what i was imagining, i have never disappointed.

there is always a funny story about her kids or her ex husband that comes along, and i appreciate that about her, the realness:  she is a wonder woman.  a talented designer, mum, running her own business, hilarious and always looking so friggin fab.

She sources her base fabrics locally and she then has designs hand-screen printed onto them for a block-printed look. Her range has a refreshing and playful feel with really exciting colour combinations – think  lime on silver, pink on red, an elegant silver on white – all printed on natural fibres such as cotton and linen. niiiice.

Her showroom: Unit 5 Canterbury Studios, Wesley St, Cape Town. Tel +27 21 461 0620.


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