the magic of potjie

i’m ashamed to admit i had never had the privelage of experiencing a ‘potjie’, until this past weekend.

According to Wikipedia, directly translated “little pot food”, it is a stew prepared outdoors in a traditional round, cast iron, three-legged pot (the ‘potjie’) which originated from our forefathers, the Voortrekkers, who were big into their game, and the tradition i guess has gone on to become a part of our heritage, certainly not in my family, though it really is something i feel every south african should put on their ‘to-do’ list.

to honour my dear brit friend doug’s departure, a friend of mine michele decided to host an authentic ‘The Magic of Potjie’ Lions vs Boks/farewell party at her newly renovated family home in Ottery.

linda, her mom, who prepared everything,  and tended lovingly to the pot of stewing seafood all afternoon while 16 friends rolled around in fits of laughter outside onthe gorgeously sun-drenched stoep,  is something of a gastralogical legend.  to top it off, she whizzed up the most dericious mogitos, ensuring everyone’s thirst was quenched and glasses were full throughout the day.

the boks won, sadly for dougo, and spirits were high for the rest of the evening which revolved around a lot of trigger happy people taking silly photos, harry, the all-you-can-eat-prawn-devouring daschund, how silly my pirate pants a.k.a ‘harams’ looked – i’ll have you know that my fashionista friend kelly tells me these are going to be BIG BIG BIG this summer, ‘mobile cad’, pretend engagements , jhono’s insane food portion perceptions, jaqcue’s bizarre inclination towards smoking, drinking and eating all at once and random exclamations and a debate over the ‘ideal gait’ amoungst many other hilarious things.

michele braved making a pavlova for dessert (yes she can make more than scrambled eggs, contrary to public belief) as well as scrumptious biscuits and dangerously aromatic, freshly ground coffee to finish it off.

good fun was had, followed by a stop in at neighborhood on the way home for foozathon of note and surprise visit from alexi 🙂


3 responses to “the magic of potjie

  1. take my mj urban outfitters hat off to you… go girl! over the fear of potjies in harems – nice!

  2. thanks girl, but i still have big time mj hat envy..xx

  3. special thanks to dougo for finally sending the pics!

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