boys boys boys

mmm have been thoroughly enjoying singledom. all of 5 months with a few potential endeavors in between, it’s been an interesting, almost comical, ride. definitely worth it, no regrets.

this is a tribute to the boys. you’ve given me a lot to laugh about, shown me great times, opened my eyes, kept me more than satisfied, taught me so much…

something that never ceases to amaze me is just how appreciative they’ve all been for having met me.what, the past 3 years i’ve been in relationships, are the other single girls out there so bad?! laugh-a-minute aside and plenty good times, i’ll admit i’ve been a tricky one, you see i’m just not ready to commit! some have cried and grovelled, some have stormed out in fits of disappointment, however at the end of the day not one has regretted their time with me.

here’s to the boys that have came and conquered! and good luck to all that follow! (some missing from below collage – apologies, does not bare any testament for my affections towards you….:) )


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