stanford invaders


we finally got to stanford on thursday afternoon – a year and half after having packed it up for the what seemed to us very pleasant tenants. boy were we wrong. the house was in a tip. the very little furniture that was left, if not broken, was burnt; if not filthy, mold stained. on the whole the scene was a grim sight to behold. so we began recounting all the items we’d rather humorously described on our surprisingly organized word documents we’d created before leaving it to these random folk. what is it with afrikaans people who insist on removing plugs to all appliances in a house (ANNOY?!) and modifying multiplugs (taking the term ‘multi’ to new limits)?! the list itself is not too long, though we will have to mission out at some point to replace a lot of the smalls (objet, lamps, vases, frames/artwork/mirrors, kettle, toilet brush, etc) as well as larger items such as double bed base and matching headboard, side tables, coffee table, servers, etc…

aside from plodding around in my Home Invader wellies, chatting up hot archinerd neighbor (coming to check out my plans later-conveniently met him when asking for a bottle opener (the bastardos stole that too…), discovering new lows of what people feel the need to cling onto in ‘storage rooms’ (the Devil)… i’ve been busy finishing up drawing plans which i started back in ct for our anticipated R.E.N.O.V.A.T.I.O.N.I. like such a nerd.. requested plans from the Overberg council – they were so nifty and emailed it to me upon proof of R3 electronic transfer to them for the search and photocopying. a different world out here hey… have opened up the place substantially and will upload the existing as well as New And Improved plan for interested family members as well as a narrative for those spatially challenged peeps who don’t understand… also going to upload some inspirational reference pics for those that need a kick up the ass/needing to be jolted into the gorgeous world of DEKOOOOOOR….:) have had so much fun working on this would appreciate your comments familia….suggestions, wishlists, non-negotiables, etc… I WANT IT ALL….:)

ok need to get some sun…feeling bit antisocial clicking away like this on such a glorious day! over and out!


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